Friday, January 16, 2009

Some things are just designed to make you crazy, right?

I keep saying that I'm going to post here and then things take me away and I loose my mind trying to wrap myself around whatever's current. I can't type when they're here because of over-the-shoulder syndrome and then when the house is calm and mostly empty I'm just so glad NOT to think about it! Kwim?!!

Ok, I've got one that I think I can wrap up without going on and on! I'm going to tell you what I think at the end and you tell me if you think I'm right, ok?!

Recently I had a family event on my side of the family. My father had one of those big milestone birthdays. The kind that you have to make sure to do something for him because you think ahead and wonder if he'll be here for the next decade to have another big milestone occasion. I don't communicate with my father very often by choice because I hate feeling powerless and that's a whole 'nuther story, but we'll just say that all the siblings made a plan and we all gathered for a surprise event for him.

Daddy wanted to be able to go with me and Daisy for the events, but Jabber has sports games on the weekends when he is at TW's house and Daddy always provides the transportation. He told Jabber to ask TW if she could bring him to his games (2 that day and one the next) for that day only, so that he can attend my family events that day without having to just meet up after the games were over. Daddy almost never asks anything of TW, never mind ask for something for himself, maybe once every other year he's done it.

You know her answer, right? No.

Insert expletives here calling TW every name in the book that means selfish bitch. Never mind the fact that her son is playing in the games (and is a "star" player in both of his sports BTW!) and she can't consider going to watch the game(s) to support him. She doesn't enjoy sports, therefore doesn't participate other than the odd drop-off ride once or twice in a season. She drives him there, lets him off and leaves. Anyway... the extra shitiest part of this one is that Daddy picked Jabber up from her house and brought him to the game. He decided that he'd have to skip the afternoon game that week because it was just going to be impossible for him to attend with us at all if he didn't.

Guess who showed her ugly @$$ up at the end of the game to pick Jabber up?

She couldn't call anyone and say that she was doing this? She couldn't even tell Jabber, so he could share the information? No.

I truly believe that this is her way of telling MY husband that she still has control of him and can make him do things at her beck and call. That she is more important than I am and that whatever happens SHE is the one calling the shots.

Of course he lets her, but (expletives again)!!!!! I can't wait until those two are old enough to be out of my house and never to consider having contact with her again! What do you think? Spot on or some other explanation?

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