Saturday, January 17, 2009

I need to find another word for useless!

You see, I'm trying not to use that one for Glory's hubby. It's what pops into my head all the time though! Ok, probably because Daddy uses that term when describing him and he really is spot-on!

The name I have for him in the left column index just isn't working for me! I have to say that I don't hate him and want him to vanish off the earth, but because Glory loves him fiercely I sure wish that he'd wake TF up and see that there is more to life if you actually DO something!

Just before Christmas Glory called to tell me that she's pregnant. This is her 2nd pregnancy and she's really nervous because her first ended in a miscarriage right after the beginning of her 2nd trimester. Very bad scene to say the least. (Had to have 2 D&C's and then also contracted salmonella!)

And her husband hasn't been employed since May. His family that is near them has basically shut them off because they wish he'd straighten his @$$ out too. He can't get a job because his SSN gets run and he needs to 'clear a few things up' about his previous job before anyone else will hire him. Read between the lines here and you'll know what I'm saying, ok?

They came to see me for Christmas. Having him in the hosue and seeing how useless he is on a daily basis is completely frustrating. One day I took them out and had him throwing a wrench into that even though we dropped him off while we went shopping. I'll mention that one of the days he went to visit a friends he left the cord to recharge the cellphone. The friend left to visit family several states away, locking the cord inside. Looking around we found several places that had the cord for $40. FORTY F dollars! Maybe that's not a lot but when you're on vacation, out of state, barely swung the $$ for the plane tickets... who TF needs to spend $40 on replacing something that you just should have been responsible about in the first place?!

And who gets to pay for it? Not his no-job-having @$$!

Now they are back 'home' where they've been living and looking into moving to another closer state. She gave her notice at her job and plans for a week of settling things for the move. I've suggested that she send her husband ahead so that he can begin job hunting and settle the dogs in. (They are sharing a housde with friends, so that's at least taken care of ahead!) Let him start standing up and taking some responsibility! I understand that she is beginning to feel that if she's not there that it won't get done, and that he NEEDS her to guide and prod him. That is SO not the way it's supposed to be though! Heck, she already has one baby, him!

So, can you think of another name for him that isn't 'that' mean? I love lists to choose from! HELP!!!!

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