Monday, January 5, 2009


I've been on the chan.tix for a little over 60 days and dreaming for just as many! I remember dreams many times a week and about 92% of the time I want to go back to sleep and continue with them. I'm not even sure if I'm going to post this or maybe I'll just publish it later so it isn't at the forefront. For some reason I just started thinking that I wish I'd known about some of these nutty dreams befor ei started taking it. LOL, but then again I might not have believed it unless/until I was the one having the dreams!

Tonight's dream had some interesting and morbid stuff. The first half of the dream was strange because it changed so rapidly. I was driving a kick-ass jeep that almost looked like a humvee. (NOT my style, think Mommy SUV!) and my 'friend' was following me in her car. I'm not sure who she was but I'm thinking little Asian girl and the only one I knew kind of well was a girl from a neighboring high school almost 30 years ago! We were driving as if there were a car chase and somebody was after us, drove into a car shop and traded the jeep for a pink spray can painted on bus! Like in school bus!

I left the garage (and the friend?) and while driving down a hillside slipped into a ditch and went on it's side and when I stopped I realized that the bus had been hit by a camper/bus. I got out and heard a baby crying along with a little kid. I could hear my bus's radio say that there had been a car chase and the police were looking for them because they hurt a lot of people. I knew that I shouldn't go in because it was dangerous but went in anyways to help the kids. There was a month old infant girl and her possibly 2 yr old brother. Just up from them was the father, sleeping on a camper bed and then I looked to the other side and saw a figure covered with plastic inside a bathtub that was standing on end?! The driver had on dark clothes and was slumped over in the seat. I went back to the right past the father and there was an alcove with 2 teen girls sleeping. The next alcove had upper and lower bunks and the mother was sleeping on the top and there was about a 4 yr old girl trying to hide from me on the bottom, scared but wanting someone to help her. Nobody in the family was hurt, but all asleep. I went back to the little boy and the infant who had now puked on herself and wiped her face off. I pulled them both out from almost being pinned in next to the wall and we went to the 4 yr old bunk and left them there. Then I went back to wake up the father but he was mad and seemed to have been drunk, so I left him while he was getting up and went with the kids and hid under the sheet. The father came over and told me to come out and scared the crap out of me, but I did. He had almost cat's pupils or something and I didn't know if he was on anything! He said that they are from 2 states away and the guy driving put the dead guy in the tub and then kidnapped the whole family! I went outside and saw my father among the EMTs (he used to be a fireman/diver) and there were about 25 bodies all lined up on blankets on a mowed (soccer?) field. I had to go in and pull the kids out though and I didn't know how I was going to get my bus upright!

Then I woke up!

I know that IRL I react and do hero things vs chicken out, but nothing terribly valiant like this was! I don't usually take too many chances driving either! I really wanted to go back in and finish saving that family! Oh, and when the mother woke up she told me that the baby girl might have a residual high from weed smoking? The teen girls were waking up and oblivious! I guess I did drift back in, but couldn't stay asleep!

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