Monday, December 1, 2008

Give me strength

Please. I am sleep deprived right now because I worked an all-nighter last night and then got home and had about 2 hours of sleep before Daisy woke me up. Work sucked because the gal that is the most senior in my section has decided not to speak to me. Hmmm... I'm trying to think if there's a possible connection to me opening my mouth and agreeing with another gal on my last night shift that the first one pisses and moans too much? That she's supposed to be teaching me but chooses when to listen and respond, repeats her boring-ass whines and then tells me that she didn't say "there" she said "here". Yah, right! She was a pain in my @$$ all night last night. Wanna' bet that when everything wasn't finished at the end of her shift she told them what I didn't finish?

That's not even the reason I need strength. Mystery has a friend that I'm introducing in the left column as a New Player. I may have mentioned her before but she now has an official blog name and we're going to call her Pixie. She's the new friend that Mystery can't live without so far this year. The same one that one of the teachers emailed me to say that she was moving seats around because of their social energy during class. Hey, it's high school and that can happen anywhere. Whatever. We have a tiny connection to this girl because she has a relative that is friends with Glory's hubby! LOL, that doesn't give anybody any extra points one way or the other, but an interesting side part of this. We do know the relative a little.

Well, Pixie and her mother were living with the relative, but have apparently been thrown out. They have a place to live in the next town over. Pixie will have to leave school if they stay there. Mystery asked Daddy if Pixie can come and stay with us during the week because her mother doesn't have a car to drive her back and forth to school. Daddy has apparently been actually considering this for a week or so, and today he forwarded Mystery's text message to my phone. Like he's fucking asking me. He did call and said that he would need to get information about how long this would be for. If it's just a couple/few days during a transition then that is something that he would not have a problem with.

You see, we have a precedence here. When Glory was a senior in high school her BFF's mother went out of own for a honeymoon and we let her stay the week. We've always had a standing rule of No Friend Overnights OnA Schoo Night. Mom came back and BFF wasn't getting comfortable with the new step around and she started sleeping in her car instead of going home. I found this out and told her that she needs to sleep here, which she did readily but she never showered or left clothes and we had to make her eat here now and then. LOL, she brought us food from her job very often and it wasn't like she was a charity case! She also provided Glory with transportation to school, dance and work about 90% of the time, which freed up MY car for me! Yahoo!! Hey, they were together 90% of the time anyway, we just let her sleep here.

So, in comparison. Glory had a BFF that slept here, drove her everywhere and probably freed up the phone lines a bit. Mystery would have her BFF that is 16, with no driver's license or transportation, no job and enough of a similar attitude in life to be Mystery's BFF into our home? Yes, we have been open to a 'sad story' before but we weren't adding another person to be responsible for. If the relative won't have them/her, then what makes Daddy think that we need to add that headache to our list of things to be responsible for?

He just doesn't know how to say no to Mystery sometimes. I told him that I don't think it's a good idea unless it's something like strictly for 2-3 days because the mother has a plan and just needs those days for a check to come in or a car to get registered or something. No plan-no kid, comprende? Heck, Mystery doesn't even have a bedroom of her own right now! Yes, it's almost finished and might be done by tomorrow if things go like they're planned, but there are a few "ifs" in there that having Pixie around for just might be the thing that we don't need.

Any last minute ideas on topics to raise with Daddy? My guess is that Pixie is coming home with Mystery today either way, and hoping to seal the deal. Any and all suggestions are welcome, even if you think we should adopt the kiddo!


dragonmctt said...

Definitely, if you guys decide she can stay, have some type of living arrangement contract written up for her and Mystery to sign, including consequences. That way everyone gets everything out in the open up front and you and Daddy don't have to struggle to make up the rules as you go. And has Pixie's mom even been contacted? Is she going to offer some financial support? Gas money? Grocery money?

Anonymous said...

dragonmctt already summed up everything I was thinking. The main thing, make rules, and enforce them. Otherwise, you are just asking for more stress that you don't need!