Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Internet Social Network and a Blog Meme

I haven't done this for awhile. Check out what it looks like on Mystery's ISN page.

(Clicking on the pic will open it up in a new tab or window!) I haven't been tracking her as much as I have in the past, and some things just don't change! Oh to be a teenager these days, huh?! I would totally be trying to figure out as much as I could with new technology so that I'd be able to do all kinds of sneaky things with it! If my Mom were alive she'd tell you that I was terrible as a teen and always stretched the limits! LOL, the limits have stretched a lot since then!

Blog Meme Alert!!

I got tagged by kwoneshe2 at Storms Never Last and this is my very first time! (Girl, I'm going over to your blog next to leave my comments!!) This was a Sunday Meme, but I'm doing it on Tuesday! So what is it actually called? LOL, I have no clue! If I tagged you then either wait until Sunday or just re-name it like I did!!

Tuesday Meme

1-Were you named after anybody: Yes. One of my Mom's favorite teachers (first name)

2- What’s your favorite lunch meat: turkey ham, Mmmmmm!

3- If you were another person, would you be friends with you: Oh yeah! That sounds like one of those things like getting a wife to do all my chores. LOL, of course!!

4- Do you use sarcasm a lot: I don't think I do. I have people around me using it all the time as a standard way of communicating and it gets really old, really fast. If it wouldn't be funny if i was true/real then it's seriously not funny. I do understand it and I know I hear it in my head often enough, but try not to use it a lot.

5- What is your favorite cereal: Cinnamon Life

6- What is your favorite ice cream: I don't have a clear favorite but a few that I toy with like Black Cherry, Butter Crunch and maybe every now and then Fudge Ripple. I usually think salty, not sweet so you can have the ice cream!

7- Do you think you are strong: I always bounce back, so I must be! You know that saying that you wouldn't be given more than you can handle? I wish I couldn't always handle so much!

8- What is your least favorite thing about yourself: Physically, 'the girls' could be an actual"A" instead of wannabes! I've nursed my babies and have memories of "C", but just want to be able to wear more styles!

9- What was the last thing you ate: A turkey and cheese sandwich with mayonaisse and mustard on seeded soft rye bread.

10- If you were a crayon, what color would you be: Aquamarine. It always comes out so nice and bright on paper!

11- What is your favorite scent: Lily of the Valleys

12- Favorite sports to watch: Any sport my kid is in. If they ever make it to televised then I'd watch that too. Otherwise, No thanks!

13- What is your hair color: I think the box said Medium Brown.

14- Do you prefer scary movies or happy ending movies: Happy Endings! Corny? Sure!! Chick Flicks Rule!!

15- What is your favorite food: Popcorn! Yes, I'll have butter in it, but don't drown it, ok?

16- What is the last movie you watched: Iron Man, on Pay Per View!

17- Do you prefer summer or winter: Summer! I love wearing less clothes!

18- What is your favorite dessert: Pineapple Upside Down Cake, freshly baked!

19- What is your favorite book: "No Flying in the House". A kid's book that I remember my 3rd grade teacher reading to our class! I read it to Glory when she was younger and now waiting for Daisy's turn! I loved the make believe parts and wanted them to be real SO badly! Oh, and the coolest books on the planet are all kid's books! In case you didn't know that!

20- What are your favorite TV shows: Gray's Anatomy, Eli Stone, NCIS, Lipstick Jungle, CSI (all) , and there are more but those start of the list for sure!

And now I have to tag people! I'm not sure if it's 5 or 6 because I was the "and" on her list before, but I'll tag 6! I sure hope that if I tag you that it's not one of those things that bugs you and you get a chance to play along!

Let's tag:


2) Bethany

3) DragonflyMama

(And for some that still come by and comment please don't let this scare you off! But you know you want to get back to posting again, right?!)

4) SMILF at Wifezilla Diaries

5) B'sMommy

6) Medea

Have fun everyone and I can't wait to see your replies!


kwoneshe2 said...

Those are great! :) We're having a high school moment. Blame my sister!

Bethany said...

After our crazy college app weekend!