Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The quick version

I'm going to go back as soon as I can and reply to the comments on the last post but just want to say that Pixie didn't end up staying here and whatever she had going on logistically is resolved and she isn't staying with us.

I'm now stuck with the kid's computer which is as slow as can be and I can't really go nd read other blogs using this one because everything loads slow because of the system. It feels like back in the day of being on dial-up! Between that and my working overnight shifts and having my sleep screwed I just haven't been able to get my tail in here. Daddy says that our tax refund will be here before we know it and I just have to hold out until then, but if Jabber is getting a $200 video gaming system for Christmas then you better believe that I'm thinking there'd better be a new computer for me under that tree! Mystery's list is looking a little light so far this year, for her. I think that she's hoping for a cash amount that blows her away and Daddy and I have already discussed getting her a bank Visa card and having her get some experience managing that. You know, a card that is purchased and only worth up to the value paid for it? We'll see.

Anyway, I'll try to post again soon but the biggest itch that I have is to go and read the rest of your blogs! I miss knowing what's up with everyone and will probably send a bunch of comments out one day soon if I go to my friend's house and watch her kiddo for her so that I can use her computer!

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