Thursday, November 13, 2008

I don't like to post angry all the time and I'm quite angry lately. I've got a few skills that 've learned along the way and they're just not helping me out enough right now. So I've been quiet, with a few comments on others' blogs here and there. Please know that I do go in and read quite often, and I try to comment when I hit a moment of clarity. Sometimes it just hits me and isn't as clear but I give it a shot. Comments can come to mean a lot and I know that, so even if I just feel a quick "I agree with you" comes on I've tried to do it.

I have a job now and I went to orientation the other day. It's not in my career fied, it's a seasonal job in retail, and I'm working the midnight shift. Hey, I need to generate an income and not spend most of it on childcare so this is my first best option. We'll see how I do, if they offer to keep me after the holidays or not and if the shift is working for me. I have my first night shift tomorrow. If anything send me lots of wide awake vibes!

And I may have to talk about things with Mystery and Jabber lately. I'm really ticked at Daddy that things have been evolving to the way that they are and I've tried to work through some individual issues as they've come up but let's just say that I'm getting tired of being the invisible effing maid in my own home. Courtesy doesn't exist except a occasional "Sorry" and neither one of them would do a darn thing different the next time. This has been proven time and time again. The only saving grace lately is that the fall sports season is over so they both go to TW's house from Friday until Sunday. Peaceful.

On the brighter side here. We will have a new President soon! Yayyyyyy!

Man, that was a lot of typos when I hit post. Sorry, I meant to hit draft and check better! Hopefully I'll come up with a better post next time but I'm also on Cha.ntix and a week into it, so I know that isn't helping my disposition either, but I'm at 4 days with no butts and it is the right thing to do. I'll be back soon!


kwoneshe2 said...

Hang in there, and good thoughts coming your way. Sometimes, we just don't have a lot to say on our blogs. Too overwhelmed by real life goings on.

Mimi said...

Thank you!!! I do feel better today, although daytime is usually fine. It's when they're coming home from school and Daddy isn'nt home yet is when it starts building. But TGIF! I'm working all weekend, so it will probably be a blur! Thanks for the mental cyber hug!