Thursday, October 16, 2008

I picked her name very well!

I'm talking about Mystery. She sure is one!

To update on her schoolwork this year it seems that she has truly flipped a switch somewhere. Her grades came out for mid-term progress reports and she's got all B's!! Yayyy! We know that she's entirely capable of these, but in the last two years it was a struggle to get her to bring home even one B! LOL, something tells me that TW may have promised to buy her a car or something if she keeps them up! I know that Daddy read her the riot act before school started and said that there are no second chances this year for screw-ups. Who knows what made the difference, but it's wonderful that she's finally succeeding!

Fast forward to this week. She had summer reading to do for english class and she has had the books long past their due date. She's been reminded of this and Daddy told her that she needs to 'handle that', which she's just plain forgotten. Heck I go to the library once or twice a week and it would have been easy enough to ask me to take them back for her, and she can pay her fines later but at least they wouldn't be accumulating. After I got home from the library this week I saw that she'd left her books out on the kitchen table. Well shoot, if I had been asked I would have taken them but how am I supposed to know they were there?

Daddy told her that she can't go anywhere with friends until she takes care of it. He reminded her that I go to the library each week and that her grandmother works right down the street from there and would probably do it for her if asked. Guess who she asked? My guess is that because she doesn't have to actually ask her grandmother (but can just tell her that she needs for it to be done) is why she asked her. Me? I like things in the form of a question, with the word please attached. Gee whiz, if she asked me to do something for her then that would just be the end of the world wouldn't it? It's much easier to go through Grandma, have her drive around to places that she wasn't going in the first place than to ask me.

Part of me is relieved when she doesn't ask me for things. She's been 16 since this spring and hasn't gotten her driver's permit yet. When she gets it she already knows that she won't be asked if she wants to drive with me in my car. I told her last spring that since she has decided not to have conversations with me or consider much of anything that I have to say that I'm not going to be the one to take her. Heck, I did the same thing with Charming when he was that age because he gave me attitude and after driving with me twice I refused after that. His father let him when he went with him and then he took the class, so that was about it. I had/have no sympathy!! Anyone else have teen stuff like this?! Fun, eh?!

I'm going to stop now because I need my day to go better. I have a medical test this morning that entails a 'clean out' ahead of time and was up many times last night. Time for a nap!


dragonmctt said...

All the time! SS1 (16 on the 20th) comes home from school with attitude every day lately, and we haven't even asked him to do anything ; ) Good Grief! I am 100% with you, though. When he does that, until there is a change in his demeanor, everything he asks for is answered with a no, and we're on his butt like flies on you-know-what. If wants things difficult, then so be it. I will not coddle a poor attitude. DH and I are very involved parents and spend a bulk of our time/resources with the kids (DH is custodial). All we ask is for respect, consideration, and responsibility in return. When that is lacking, the gravy train comes to a screeching halt! And you'd think with how consistent we are about that, that he would get it, but I guess he likes the feeling of banging his head on a brick wall.

kweenmama said...

It would seem that she IS trying to make some sort of statement or stand. Good luck with al of that!

Mimi said...

You know, the brick wall thing? It feels like some of it is because of step-family life and some just because we always want to make things better for our kids. Easier isn't always better and it's one of those battles that you have to decide on as they come along. I had some of this with Charming and he's my bio kiddo, but it didn't make any difference with me. LOL, if I said it, I meant it!!

Thanks for your comments ladies! It's always nice not to feel like I'm the only one that comes in contact with some of this stuff!