Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm getting just as bad as he is!

My laptop conked out! It won't even turn the fan on to pretend to boot up. Please say a few kind words for us as I am in hopes that one day I may resurrect at least the hard drive of it and recover much of the information that I have in the Family Documents section! Shoot, photos and movies in there would be nice too, but I think I have those backed up on the EHD.

We have some money that will be coming in this week that is money that we've paid out in recent months and we'll be getting it back. Money that should go for some of the minimum payments that we haven't been keeping up with. Well, it's going for a new computer! I sure hope they still have some left where I saw them a week or so ago. The price was right and it's still WinXP so that would be great for me! Daddy said that we'd have to do this, just so I don't go crazy. It is true. Sad, but true! I would miss is terribly, and I can't help but get excited about all of the things that I'll be able to do with a new computer. Bigger HD, built-in DVD writer, more ram, more memory!!! Shoot, I have visions of trying to put together a website that I could earn some darn $ from here, and if I have a computer that won't BUST on me then maybe I could get a grip on that!

But we all know that the money had other places to go. Now I'm going to be just as bad as Daddy is. He's famous for making people happy and not being good about the $ in this house. His theme song in life needs to be "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go!"

Do you buy things like this when you know you should spend the money somewhere else? What was your last purchase that should have waited and who was it for? You? Hubby? The kids?
Oh, and sorry if there are more than the usual typos here. I'm on the kid's computer which is TOO SLOW and I'm just trying to get this post out! No spell-check today!


dragonmctt said...

We just went through this a little while ago, too! Normally, we don't spend it if we need it to pay bills. However, if we are presented with an opportunity (or a really good deal) that we can't pass up, we will risk it.

We were offered 3 horses a month ago for FREE! Now anyone can tell you, a free horse is never "free", we have probably spent about $1,200 in the last month getting the barn ready, new footing in the paddock, etc. However...the cost of these horses in normal economic times would have been about $12,000 for all three. Even at the height of our careers, we couldn't scrape together that much cash at one time. So the way we look at it, yes, we should be paying off bills with that $1,200, but we wouldn't be getting a $12,000 return, now would we?

If you've found a great deal on the computer, I'd say go for it!

Mimi said...

Well, they don't have the computer anymore. All sold out! That's okay though because we really can't afford it and it would be quite an 'extra' for us right now. Muddle through! That's what I'll do! Oh well! I'm pretty good at looking out for this kind of stuff and hopefully another will come along when I am ready for it!