Monday, September 29, 2008

Time flies

Sheesh, I didn't even realize that it's been this long since I posted here, bu I guess so! I'm going for an interview tomorrow for a job that seems kind of mindless and I'll take it if it's what I can get but I'm not sure how long I'd last there. I'm qualified to work with small children and have done that for many years, staying home now with Daisy since the whole pregnancy was high risk due to Advanced Maternal Age. Ha! I didn't feel old until near the end of my pregnancy!

Since I got Daisy set up at a local daycare she has been going a couple days a week to get in the rhythm and so that I can schedule interviews. The interview that I have tomorrow morning is not in my field, but I got an interview quickly just based on my resume information and cover letter. I need to generate an income, heck at least to pay for Daisy's daycare!

She likes it so far and I actually found out that they have openings there which I'm qualified for! When I drop her off in the classroom I've been getting a rush, seeing activities and things that just bring me back in time! I revamped my resume and printed it out so that I can bring it in today and set up an interview with them. Something tells me that I'd like working there more than the last place that I worked and it would be really great to be on-site with her.

Ther other kids here are doing okay too. Mystery is somehow not so bad to live with right now. We're working on remodeling her room so she's in a bit of limbo, sleeping in Jabber's old room since we demo'd hers. She been tolerable as far as attitude and not being the worst role model, as well as actually making some effort in school so far. I love that the school uses an online system for showing us their grades and we can keep an eye on things there!

Jabber apparently didn't make a lot of effort on a reading test and has been put into a special program again. Last year they did this to him and because he was starting out with ADHD meds we refused the services and had him put back into his regular schedule. This wasn't a mistake because he made the honor roll more times than not last year and has shown that he is completely capable of doing the work. Surely he just didn't make an effort on the one test! It turns out that this year the program that they put him in is right in his same classroom, just in another section of the room. As soon as he brings up his scores he can 'test out' and back with the regular class. After meeting with the VP and talking to the special teacher we've decided to leave him in it and tell him that it's entirely up to him to show that he's capable, otherwise he probably isn't.

And then there's Glory. My dear Glory living across the country with her hubby (I still need a different name for him!). He's not working, got to get some things cleared, and then he needs to growTF up! Apparently he spent the night in the ER last week getting aout 8 or 9 stitches because he was wrestling around with a friend and got a gash on his forehead. Was alcohol involved? you bet! Ugh! Glory talks about trying to move from where they are and he refuses. His family is there (basically his mother, and then two siblings followed later) and these are the same people that turn their backs when things are tough for Glory and him. I guess you could say that I have a grudge about Glory's MIL saying that she couldn't give her rides to the Doc in between D&C's. Trying to lay down some tough love doesn't really work when you're aiming it at my baby girl and it's your son that you're pissed at!

Daddy and I talk between ourselves and it really seems that we're just waiting for the expiration date for Glory. That she'll end up back here and be defeated, probably pregnant. Please don't think that's what we want to think, but she just doesn't give up and will stick with things for as long as it can go. She's called and been feeling down, sad or overwhelmed but usually on the very next call she is willing to get right back on the horse and see that there are options. I just wish that he wasn't the biggest part of her options.

Lastly today I'll tell you that I have a birthday coming up on Thursday. I will be 47, which is a bit of a milestone for me because my Mom was 47 years old when she was diagnosed with the breast cancer that she died from at age 51. It sort of feels like I'll be living on borrowed time? Yes, I do get my yearly mammograms too. I think it's been 18 years now with only 2 years off because of pregnancy and nursing. If you get a chance to come by and say Hi on Thursday that would be nice to see!

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MereCat said...

You have a busy house! Wow!

Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope it's a fun day.