Thursday, September 18, 2008

The weekend is coming! Yayyy!!!

I'm pretty tired this week. I'm actually going a mile a minute because Daddy and I have been trying to figure out things with getting a J.O.B.

Ugh!! I've loved staying at home and he seems to think that when I go back to work we'll have more money around here! Ha! I'm just waiting to see when it hits him. We'll spend every little bit more that I make and still owe on all kinds of things! He needs to learn to just say NO!

Anyway, I have a lead on a pretty cool sounding job that would not be the 'in charge' person that I have always previously been, but at the same pay scale of the last job that I had. I think I can handle that to jump back in with! Daisy on the other hand is going to go through some stuff here. She's going to end up in full day care across town from me and she has only ever been away from me for up to 6 hours maybe 4 times in her life?! And then always with Daddy or MIL. Yeah, I know it's time to cut the umbilical chord and she does want to expand her horizons, but I think she ismore interested in expanding OUR horizons, together! She'll be fine though, I have no doubt that she's going to enjoy going somewhere and playing with other kids all day!

Today I take Jabber to see the Doc for his meds check. Remember that we missed last month's appointment because TW didn't return him, right? I tell you this boy is driving me nuts! He's back to being the NOISY, overacting child, exaggerating most everything he does and can't walk through a room without touching several things around him. Not just touching but tagging, slapping, and jumping. I just want to turn his dial DOWN!! I've been in touch with the school and they are supposed to have assessment forms for me today, but I also know that the teachers are less than enthusiastic about filling them out because the school year is so new. I'm trying to tell them that their initial observations are important because they are usually less biased, but they seem to be comfortable with those biases. Cross your fingers that they did the forms for me!

And Mystery seems to be doing her schoolwork, although we can't tell when she is doing it because we never see her doing any! She comes up with 'little' lies around here and isn't getting called on any of it and seems to really believe her own truths. When she wants to go somewhere with school friends she tells Daddy that this, this and this is set up. (Rides, location and times.) Then she leaves and ends up calling for a ride because someone's mother suddenly can't do it or when she gets home tells us that she went somewhere completely different and gives some excuse. She really believes that because she says it, then it's so. Until it doesn't happen and then there's another excuse. Daddy puts up with it and I'm just sitting here and shutting my mouth until he brings it up and then I can't understand why he thinks it will be any different! I just wish that she'd see that the truth is the truth and it doesn't bend as much as her version of it. She's a teen though, and I have a clue about them trying so many things and if he's going to let it happen then I just have to choose my battles.

I just can't wait for Friday so that we get a break!

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