Thursday, August 21, 2008

Message boards. Lov'em or leave'em?

I'm finding myself going deeper and deeper into this blogging stuff! Several years ago I started going to message boards because I finally found a community of women that I belonged with. A Sisters of Spirit kind of thing. Eventually public message boards bit me in the ass and that sure wasn't/isn't fun. Snarky people, ones that have to find someone to put blame on, and there are also the attention seekers that get pissy when you get too much attention, not them. Whatever!I've got a harder shell up now and don't expose myself there like I used to.

I like coming here. My blog, MY rules! Not that I have made any rules here yet, but if you don't like it then leave! I can ban your IP, or take my sh*t private!
Message boards get this 'democratic' thing going. People think that every darn thing has to be fair and equal. Oh, and please don't ever let a moderator have an opinion, right? Message boards that are private and get a mutiny going suck. Some go with this one and some stay with that one, but either way you end up losing people that you thought were your friends. I do like cleaning out the rif-raff but it still sucks a bit.
Oh, and there are the fence sitters, the ones that don't want to choose a side. They go back and forth and try to ride the line, but I really wish that they would just choose! Sometimes their topics bleed into one group from the other and then people start talking about posting at the other place. If you're going to post there and not here then shut up about it here! At the very least please don't insult us here and tell us that you posted there (like a little tongue wagger with the neener-neener crap) where we do not have access. Nor want it.

So, I'm becoming quite content here in blogland. There's a lot of surfing around to find folks that I want to read but when I do find someone then I like then I'm in there with my subscription right away! I have to get better at my blogroll and add some more of you there because I keep going back and some of your writings influence some of mine. I promise that I'll get right on it, ok?
I have to go paint now. Daddy told Jabber that I'd help him and the only way to get some peace today is if we get the last primer coat on his 'new room'. Yayyy!

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Anonymous said...

I hate a love hate relationship with message boards. They have helped me with a lot of things - my wedding, becoming a stepmom - but yeah, I hate drama that comes along wtih them sometimes. Some people just have nothing better to do than be snarky and assholes even as adults which is sad.
Blog world is much more fun :)