Monday, July 7, 2008

You wouldn't think it could catch me off-guard

after almost 20 years. I was watching Daisy playing with the Little Boy next door that is only months younger than her. They were filling watering cans from her little wading pool and and then bringing them to the mailbox to 'help water the flowers', aka dump it in the road. They were having so much fun, giggling and following each other back and forth. Waiting for the other one to catch up.

While talking to his mother I said something about how I can picture them growing up being best friends, riding bicycles together, walking to the bus stop and just knowing that their best buddy lives right next door.

Then it made me tear up because that was what I had talked about quite often with T's mother. How he and Glory were supposed to grow up together from babies and be the very best of friends all through school and then some. Seeing our kiddos now I know that Glory and T would have enjoyed each other as much as these two little ones do. For a few minutes it brought a rush of the unfairness of his death fresh in my mind. I talked about him a little and was surprised that it rushed in on me the way that it did. It's probably because this is a milestone year. Gosh, 20 years. I may not be near to where he rests or his parent's live, but I will NEVER forget.

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