Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jabber's back!

He spent an extra day with TWrecks and she brought him home last night. Gosh it's so nice to see this guy lately! He's a little fast-paced and if I had to have him with me every day, all day I'd probably be asking if he's ready for another meds adjustment. As it is he spreads himself around enough this summer that I can take him at full speed in spurts like this. Nobody says that we want him medicated to the point of being a zombie, but we do want what is best for him.

Another positive thing about having him diagnosed this past year would be his report card. I can't remember if I mentioned before that he made the Honor Roll, again. That's one of those things that it's ok to repeat over and over, right?! Three out of four quarters this year he made the Honor Roll and was pretty darn close to high honors. What's up with that one history class that he just couldn't get an A? I wish that I'd brought that up earlier in the year because I wonder what the criteria for an A was?

At any rate, he's had a wonderfully successful year. He didn't get "super grounded" even once (which includes the loss of electronic media for a period of time). So, we're not trying to 'drug him up' but help him to be successful. Compare this to last year with constant groundings for contact from school at least weekly, and even the week of daily contacts leading to a suspension for not making good behavior choices, this year has been excellent!

We went to Sparkles' house today and he went off with Ceecee and her bf to go swimming. Daddy took us out to a new local restaurant chain that serves turkey burgers, AND he has two friends sleeping over with him in the tent on our lawn! Tomorrow will be remote control 'trucks', skateboarding and hanging out with at least one of these two friends. He's not always easy to keep up with but I love being able to give him these cool experiences during his summer vacation!

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