Saturday, July 5, 2008

Color me happily surprised!

Well, Mystery came home yesterday and as expected she had plans with a couple of her friends here. They weren't going to be able to hang out like they had hoped because the one that would be driving got in trouble of some sort at home. I guess they ended up with an earlier curfew?

I asked Daddy to please make sure to remind Mystery that she needs to be where she says that she is going, and he added in the be home on time part. She ended up coming home an hour before the curfew that he set! Very cool!

It really feels like she's a visitor. She's interacting with us, taking a bit of time out for Daisy in between text messaging. Oh, she was on the phone with TWrecks within 5 minutes of getting here and from the sounds of it her mother was hounding her about something. She kept her voice down low though, and that was cool with me!

No major whining, no constant sarcasm, no having her louder than thunder with her friends on the phone. I could do this for the summer! I wonder too if any of this has something to do with Jabber not being here? We're actually going to see fireworks tonight (if it's not pouring rain!) and he's going to join us there which will be nice!

Think it would be this easy if she lived with TWrecks fulltime? I wonder too if Daddy didn't have a little talk with her on the way here telling her that things have been really nice and non-conflicted (is that even a term?!) since she hasn't been around and that she doesn't need to bring any issues home with her. I wouldn't put it past him, but wouldn't it be interesting if she's doing all this on her own?

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bsmommy said...

That sounds encouraging! And even if Daddy talked to her, that's good too. Protecting the happiness of his family is huge all it's own.