Thursday, July 3, 2008

It was fun while it lasted

I hate, hate, hate that I can't think of anything good about this. Mystery called Daddy today and told him that she wants to come home to see us for the weekend.

She stayed at TWrecks house this past week and we haven't heard from her until now. Both Daddy and I are wondering what she wants to do that her mother won't taxi her to. That's really the only reason that she ever stays home on the weekends. We do know that she is going to our city festivities this weekend because (hold onto your socks here) she volunteered to work at a booth there. It turns out that one of her teachers got her to sign up, and we found out that the day that Mystery is 'working' is the Senior & Veteran's special days of the 4 day long event!

Ok... I just went and checked the social network. Yepp... she has plans to come here and have a friend pick her up and then run around town, including a party or two that she wants to hit? Surely she's just coming here because her mother won't let her make these plans from her house so she will come here and set it up to spend the night at her friend's, instead of telling us what the actual plan is because there is NO WAY on the planet that we'd tell her that it's okay. She's 16 for pete's sake.

Daddy's working for a couple of hours in the morning andd then I get to tell him what's up. Cross your fingers for me that he either tells her that she has to come home (by 11?) and sleep here or that she can't go because she came home to see US! LOL, that last one's not going to happen, but I sure hope that he doesn't let her go off to her friend's for the night. If she were staying here this summer then that would be different, but she's just playing games.

I'm really not looking forward to this, one bit.

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