Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This has been nice!

Jabber got home Sunday afternoon and it has NOT been insane here! He was happy to see Daisy and BOY OH BOY is she happy to have him here! He stuck around here most of the time time, with the biggest lump of his day on Monday waiting for the Kid Up The Street (We'll go with KUTS).

"Hang on, I'm going to do this and then I'll give you a call..." when he calls he says, "Hang on I'm doing this next and I'll be back at x:30 and then I'll give you a call." KUTS is two years older than Jabber but either it's the lack of parenting that he's had or he is naturally as high strung as Jabber is and people give up on making a difference with him. He makes me crazy!

First of all, through the years here he is always better than Jabber, always has some thing that's newer or more advanced or something better than Jabber. I understand it, but don't you get tired of it? Also, since he's going into high school this year I'm hoping that he will separate himself from Jabber more like he did when he started middle school. There was some speech that he gave Jabber about "Since I'm OLDER than you, and I'm in middle school now..." I'm hoping that he'll give him the same speech about high school.

I just love hearing him walking Jabber home and out in front of my house he tells him something like "Just do it and then tell them that you didn't. I'll tell them that you didn't and they always believe me." Yes, he does know when to brown-nose.

Basically what I want to say is that I hope that Jabber won't do this crap waiting around for this kid. He is MUCH nicer than KUTS will ever be and I would rather that there were distance between them because I don't think he's a good role model or friend to my kid. You heard me, my kid. Sometimes Mama Bear doesn't care who birthed the cub!

We've gone to the movies and hung out here a bit. He was bored enough of the time but didn't want to do other things in case KUTS called him. That and he was on the phone CONSTANTLY with these two girls! He very politely came to me after about an hour on and off the phone and told me that the girls told him that he should come over to see them at their house. LOL, he was being so certain about his manners while he told me, and you can tell it was just in case that would make a difference, but of course the answer was no because the girls were home without an adult! I told him they could come over here and hang out, but since he demo'd the family room ceiling and walls (It's going to become his bedroom downstairs) there really is not a place to go. Once the rooms are done downstairs the family room will go back into the unfinished basement room. LOL, they ought to move it now, right?! But they could play basketball and mess around out in front here. He declined to invite them, and I get it. He's 12, not 5!

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