Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation is over

Ok, just the one where Jabber and Mystery went to TWrecks' house for the week. As much as Jabber can make me want to pull my hair out I sure do miss that boy! It was nice to talk to him a couple of times in the last two days. One of our conversations was completely about him trying to fix TWrecks' laptop. It kept coming up with some ethernet error that made it not connect using wireless access. I love that he knew that I'd probably knew how to fix it and that he wanted to be the one to do it, and be the hero. Who knows how it got disconnected and my guess is that it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that he was the one that was being careless and in his click-happy mode just happened to do it. It's happened before, countless times there and here as well.

It does surprise me a tiny bit that she allowed him to consult with me on stuff like this, but this is the second time since she got her new laptop at Christmas. I guess she doesn't like paying for stuff that she can get free (who doesn't?) even if that means that she gets it through me. Whatever. It's not like she asked me and we all know who I did it for. I enjoy him being the hero because he's very often the one that is the source of negative attention. When his meds are right and he's on his game, he's one of the coolest guys that I know. In some ways things are easier for me with him than they ever were with Charming!

So, Jabber will be coming home and Mystery is not. I knew that she will most likely be anywhere else on the planet besides here as long as she has any choice. If she would be staying here with me alone (no Daddy here) then it would be my choice too. Why set up for a disaster?

She called twice this weekend. The first call was to ask about her report card. It arrived mid-week and she hadn't asked about it yet. For some reason she t
hought there was going to be something good and hopeful in there, and it turns out now she is saying that her teachers must have lied to her.

Ummm, NO! We've had access to all the info from the iLearning link. She had plenty of excuses for the Very Poor Conduct (this teacher has my email address mind you), the Fair Effort, the 7 absences from one particular class and the D's. Interesting too is that her class standing showed yet another decline. Just for illustration here's the graph of her status. I think I see a trend, do you?!

Daddy got ticked off at her over the phone. Not because he didn't expect the grades, but because he has been trying to impress a bit of importance here of getting good grades. My guess is that it's not going to make much of a difference. She has excuse after excuse and none of them really hold water. His next statement was that she won't be living here if she keeps it up. I personally feel that life would be easier here and much better for Jabber and Daisy if she were to go and live with TWrecks. Okay, for me too. Heck, we've both tried to have some positive effect and all she does is bucks the system.

The next phone call was the one where she asked if she can stay there this week. He said sure and then got off the phone. Hey, as long as Jabber doesn't feel left out and wants to be here with us we'll be all set. If TWrecks gets to a point where she lets Mystery stay and not Jabber then he'll have to put his foot down, again.

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