Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not that I think

"all that" of myself here, but I figured that just in case anyone pokes their head in here trying to see where I am I'd leave a note here!

My lovely laptop is fritzing out on me, again. It seems that there's a problem with the graphics card or just with the screen, but the last time I got it fixed this is what I had going on. I don't think it's misbehaved when the tech got a hold of it though (thought that then too) so now it's just tired and misbehaving again.

I took it with me for the weekend and this one was very busy. I took Daisy and went to visit family with young kiddos and she had a blast! We also went into the city and met with an internet friend of mine that I haven't met before. I've known this gal for 4+ years online and we chat by phone a lot too. There's a lot more to our friendship than that, but I'm not trying to make this a long post.

While we were out of town a close local relative had her baby prematurely at 30 weeks. Her DD is the tiniest little munchkin, but she's fine and just needs to grow. She weighed just under 3 lbs at birth and had enough time for the steroid shots to help mature her lungs to do their job so she is not having any extraordinary struggles. I'm the lucky one with the coolest camera to take photos and movies so I've been summoned to the hospital for special events like bath, weight checks, etc. It will be several weeks before she is able to leave but she is doing very well, and her Mom is too!

Glory called yesterday and is asking for help to come home for a visit. She needs $$ now for a ticket but by the time she gets here she'd be able to pay me back. It turns out that she can't come for a minimum of 2 weeks because of her job and that if she left now she'd be forfeiting almost $2,000 in commissions for this past month, so that's just too much $ to walk away from. It seems that she needs a break from being the responsible person and she'd like Glory-Be to get a little wake-up call while she's gone. Let's just say he needs a job and leave it at that for now.

So, I'm not sure when I'll be checking in and out here. I'm am SO going to miss being able to go and read all of the rest of y'alls blogs in the meantime. Please feel free to leave me a comment or email if you blogged something that is SO up my alley that I have to read it first! I'm using the kid's computer right now and Jabber is a little uptight about this, and the darn thing is so slow that it takes me forever anyway to process anything here. So, hopefully there will be some magical occurence in the next day or so and I don't get too far behind. If you don't see me posting then I fell into that black hole of computer doom, and am trying to crawl my way back up.


SMILF said...

Aw, darn the computer problems! I like reading your blog! :)

Mimi said...

SMILF!!! Thanks for coming around and poking your head in! Commenting too! I'm having a lot of fun at the Wifezilla pages and you'll surely be seeing a lot of me!

BTW! I messed up and didn't say thanks sooner. You are one of the first people that I thought about (my only commenter on this post!) when the stupid screen started doing that fritzing out thing again last night. I figured maybe I can get my karma back on track if I reply to your comment!

Come on karma!!! :-)