Monday, August 4, 2008


I try not to give up, Daddy says give up. How much does that suck?

I emailed a few photos of the new baby to Mystery and Jabber, adding that nobody is to post the photos on the ISN without the new Mommy's approval. Mystery took one of the photos and went to some online graphics dazzler site to overlay the name, birthdate and some hearts on it. Then she posted it on the ISN, titling it "da newest member of da fam".

I found it this weekend and was on the phone with the new baby's grandmother. I told her that Mystery did this and that either she or my husband (who was at their house visiting at that very moment) could call Mystery and tell her that she'd better get that photo out of there. It turns out that the new grandma called her and told her very nicely and sweetly that she needed to get the picture off there before the new Mommy saw it. Later after suppertime I saw the photo still there. I'd had it. I posted to her within the ISN and asked her what part of don't do that did she not get? Also to take it down IMMEDIATELY. She went offline a few minutes later.

When she came back online a half hour or so later she took the photo off and also responded to me saying that she only now got online (as if she hadn't been all day long)--Lie #1. She took it off when she had been asked by the Grandma-Lie #2, and that she hadn't known that she wasn't supposed to post it-Lie#3.

WHY do you have to make up that many lies? If she wasn't online all day then she should have logged herself off, otherwise it doesn't mean much from this end. If she had taken it off earlier then I wouldn't have seen it there later and called her on it. And last - I forwarded the sent email from the one that I sent to her in the first place. It is PLAINLY stated not to publish it. I also told her that she just lied three times (just stating, not listing them) and that needs to stop. Then I messaged her in the ISN and told her to go check her email.

Seriously who cares when you were online? Obviously TWrecks doesn't! You're not doing it here like that so I've really gone past caring about stuff like that when you're there. My point? WHY lie about it?! Nobody asked anything about that, so WhyTF do you bother to add another lie in whatever you're saying? You think it makes you look like you're innocent and being persecuted? Whatever.

The baby's Mother does not want photos published and hasn't posted on her own personal ISN! Yes, she's been in NICU most days but she has been online because she's commenting and moderating comments through to her page. She doesn't WANT them on there! So, I give up. I thought I was being nice and considerate. I thought she'd be interested and want to be involved. See, I forgot the primary rule here. It's All About Mystery.

So, now Mystery has read the emails and they are in her trash. Surely to make a point to me. Again whatever.

Today's question: How do you give up when that feels like the last thing in the world that you should actually do? Do you try reverse psychology first? Any ideas me or suggestions welcome!

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