Monday, July 21, 2008

I've been so relieved with Mystery staying at TW's and MIL's this summer that I'm not feeling constantly angry. This is a good thing. It also seems to weaken my defenses a bit and that's okay too because I'm the grown-up, and should act like one. We have to give kids some growing space, let them make mistakes and some errors along the way that they can learn from, right?

I am kind of dreading when the interactions do happen because I know that I don't usually end up happy or excited in the long run. She has gotten better at not putting everything 'out there' but I usually do see later when she talks behind my back and talks crap online. LOL, one of these days she'll understand that keyboard monitors are a very real thing, and that they give you access to an awful lot of stuff even when you're not here. Please know that in saying this ALL of our kids have been told and reminded constantly that if they're doing it online then we have access to it. Period! Privacy is not a question, and they can think that they are doing things without our knowledge but I am a helluva' lot smarter than every single one of them when it comes to computer stuff! And no, I don't think that they should expect complete privacy. All of what I view is stuff that they share with more than one other person although most times it's with the 100's of people on their friend list!

So, my point here is that she is coming home. I have to take her and Jabber for a medical appointment later this week and they'll both be home the night before. I told Daddy that if she wants to go to MIL's house because her room it torn up that's fine with me and I'll pick her up on the way to the appointment the next day. (I haven't posted about the room renovations but that post is coming soon because there are a lot of family dynamics getting some attention with this project.) Wish me godspeed with my task and that she wants to get dropped off somewhere, anywhere but at home with me!

Today's question: Am I the only one that continually lets my defenses down? We're supposed to be the adult, be the bigger person, Keep giving them another chance on so many things, right? The cut-off for some of this doesn't have to wait for adulthood (18), right?

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Love your blog! I'm catching up so my visitor log is probably long - first time reader.