Monday, July 21, 2008


It's all Sparkle's fault! We went to visit her and Lolli and she had a big Bar.bie swimming pool in her kitchen! It's about 18 years old (or more?) with the waterfall, waterslide, and deck! All of the dolls and accessories that Sweetie and Glory had when they were little have been passed down! When Ceecee was old enough for them Glory and I had passed hers along to her sis and Sparkles keeps EVERYTHING!! For all I know it was Sparkles from when she was little, and saved for her 'someday kids'! VERY possible!

Now all Daisy wants is Bar.bie! Sparkles gave her when we were there, but Daisy doesn't know that it came from her. We didn't want Lolli thinking that she had to guard her stuff so that Daisy doesn't take off with it all, and we didn't want Daisy thinking that she can have Lolli's stuff. It really is being passed along from sister, to sister, to sister though! Geez, I never thought I'd see some of that stuff again when we handed it over!

So now we need some friends for Bar.bie. I went on e.bay and found some ethnic dolls and have won three auctions so far, spending roughly $25 total. We'll be getting 4 that are nude ethnic dolls and then there's a 'lot' with over a dozen mix and match dolls. I'll bring out a few and then when she breaks, loses or chews the fingers off one of them I'll toss it and another will magically appear!

I had kind of hoped that we wouldn't be going through this stage with Daisy, because I've altered my opinion of these particular dolls along these many years. You know what though? I wasn't trying to have her bigtime into princess stuff either and she has been fully engrossed for about a year! Oh well... I'm not giving up, I'm just saying... I know that you think it's really funny, but curses on you Sparkles!

Today's question: Have you had anything like this 'come back' to you? What was it and did you want it the second (third?) time around?

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