Saturday, July 12, 2008

I shouldn't post when I'm ticked?

Or have a new stress issue right in front of me? I have known that this is how Mystery feels. I've never had proof of it like this before, but it's one of those things that you have to know, right?

I'm sure that everyone that she's ever spoken to knows that she thinks that I'm the biggest bitch in the world. This spring we'd get phone calls to our house from both of her BF's (the local and the LD one) and they were basically rude young guys. I figure that's because they're friends with Mystery, and that's probably the way that they are period. At one point though Jabber was involved in a conversation about the local BF and that he had called TWrecks when the skids were not there to ask her about something. Ok, there's a surprise right there I guess. What does the 15 year old BF have to ask the mother? The thing that creeped in on me though is that Jabber began repeating what the boy told him that he'd said.

"Miss TWrecks, this weekend...."

Who cares what the rest of the sentence was. He calls her "Miss"? Oh no! This boy does have manners and he's just choosing not to use them when he calls here. Obviously he uses his manners with TWrecks because he's programmed (by his parents or Mystery) to, but his lack of manners when he calls here has to be a direct result of something via Mystery. The boy hasn't had any better manners when Daddy has answered the phone either and we'd just thought he was ignorant until I heard that stuff about him calling TWrecks.

So, she's trying to buck the system around here. Trying to be an irritant and I've known that in my head and heart for a long time but that did show Daddy a little. After that he told Mystery that if her friends can't use manners when calling our house that they can expect to get hung up on, maybe after getting told off first depending on their level of rudeness and the mood of whoever answered the phone. I'm not going to drag this on today because I trust that it will come up again.

Anyone else with teens feel set up? What do you do?

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