Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't you just love some modern advances?!

They've come out with this cool new 'flotation swimwear' since I helped teach my older kids to swim, and it's one that I didn't think that I'd end up trying. I thought that if I got this flotation suit then I'd be copping out, taking the easy way and not putting in the right amount of effort. That Daisy will never actually learn to swim because she'll rely on the aides too much. That last one remains to be seen but I can tell you that in the two days since I bought her new suit she has been in three different pools already, never wants to get out! She loves to kick her little heart out and races across the pool to get a ball, noodle or whatever! She's already making a lot more effort and the best thing is that she's not going under for the most part! Every now and then she gets a mouthful of water, but usually has to make an effort to do that!

It's a one piece bathing suit that looks like so many others. There are three sections that get blown up and go in the front and back panel of the suit and as they get to be better swimmers you only blow up two or one. It zips on the sides and then there are some matching flower arm bands that are pretty cool too. Believe it or not there are two blow-up valves and one blows the whole thing up and you can roll them up the arm to get them on! The other only blows one 'panel' inside the arm band and allows for greater mobility. I'm not even sure if this photo shows the difference very well, but the one with the suit has the band blown 'all the way' and this photo you can see that it's not blown up under her arm. It still has enough air to keep her up, but not so much that she can't move her arms!

One of the miracles of the modern world! Tell me, have you used one of these? Would you? If you wouldn't then why not?

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