Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some things just don't occur to me

Daddy and Daisy, MIL and I went to his graduation last night. He's been in career training for 5 years and although he qualified and tested for his license last year (and got it, so also the $$ that comes with the title and paperwork). He had to complete the 5th year of schooling and has finally done just that. Yayyy!!! So we went to the graduation at a fancy hotel banquet room and is it just me or would anyone else have brought their kid(s) with them?

Ok, first of all there was a $35 a plate cost for all but the graduate, but you don't think for a minute that we paid for 3 yr old "Graze-y Daisy" to eat, right?! Who in their right mind would and this wasn't even an issue. She nibbled stuff from both of our plates and all was well. If Jabber hadn't been at football camp we would have considered getting him back from TWrecks and bringing him because he had been interested in going too. Heck, his Daddy achieved something and he wanted to be there for the celebration.

There were NO kids aside from Daisy! I know that I don't go hardly anywhere without her. I stems from when she was hospitalized as an infant for a months time with three different admissions, then nobody else wanted to be left with her in case she stopped breathing including Daddy. But I realize too that having been a single parent for so many years I am used to having my kiddos with me most of the time. LOL, where else would they be?

Is it just me or would you have brought your kiddo too?

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Bethany said...

I would have taken the girls. It's a big deal and they should celebrate too.