Friday, June 27, 2008

I don't always like to be right

But I am/was. Charming and his buddy didn't answer the phone when I called, and I left a message or two. My SIL got my voicemail and called me back in the morning. When I told her that Charming said that he was coming and bringing his friend she told me how relieved she was to hear this. That she had actual tears in her eyes because she has been so stressed out about trying to make this move happen with minimal help. It turns out one of my adult cousins said that he would help, so there's another set of muscles. Yayyy! Now we had to actually check in with Charming and I told her that I would work on it on my end. They were going to the closing on the new place and would be back and ready to get moving around noon. I finally got tired of dead ends and called Charming's former gf (recently broke up but not separate living yet) and asked if she knew when he left. Oh!! He's right here, hang on and I'll knock on his door!

Charming with an excuse. It took him about 10 minutes to reach his buddy on the cellphone and call me to say that his buddy has food poisoning and will not be able to drive him out there. He's not going to make it.

ALL CAPS ISN'T ENOUGH RIGHT HERE. Bold isn't enough right here (with or without italics), nor is changing font size. Strangulation? That's where I wanted to go, or at least convey that desire to him.

Why would you say that you're going to do something that it sounds like you have no intention of doing? I swear I saw the signs. On his way to a party, not wanting to solidify the plans and have everything in place... OMG he is SO like XI. Ok, there is probably a good number of young men on the planet like this, but you kind of hope that there are more that are not?

Charming said things that made it sound like he was making an effort to try to find another way to get out there, without his buddy. He'd start to have a possible 'thing' set up and then it fell through. I truly believe that he set them up to fail. Hey, if you don't want to help you don't have to help - but don't say you will! Don't let other people count on you and then leave them hanging. In the meantime here I called around and got my cousin's cellphone number to see if he'd left or if Charming could ride out with him. He was already there. I was a little relieved that he said that they'd be ok and that there really wasn't that much to move. That my SIL was stressed but that there was really not going to be that much to it. They were leaving their old house as a furnished rental, so no major appliances or much big furniture to move. Piece of cake, he says. I know my cousin enough to know that physical labor is not a problem for him or my brother and they will be fine even if SIL is still a bit stressed for a bit.

But Charming... geez, I didn't think I raised him to pull this crap. I'm surely not nuts thinking that this is SO like his father. Can't make a decision to save his life (have I said that before?!!) and says that he'll come through with some things that are 'good guy' things but often leave people disappointed and ticked that he comes up with such lame excuses. Do they think that by saying yes to the good guy stuff that it gets them brownie points? You don't actually get the points unless you come through with the deed, right?! It's WORSE if you leave people hanging. Charm isn't always the key.

Jabber is my shining light this week! Yes, I'm switching gears here! He called yesterday to gab (by my request at the football camp and Daddy trying to make him feel guilty about not doing that) with Daisy and I. I let him talk to her first and it was short and sweet. She told him about MIL's puppy's adventures of the day, she wants him to come home and that she was watching Batman with Daddy! I got my turn next and told him about doing the lawnmowing job next door and he is happy to hear about that. Within a couple minutes he was talking about his potential earnings and adding his money from household chores here... I'm not going to be surprised if he has projected spending for the rest of the summer all set! Ah to be 12!

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