Thursday, June 26, 2008

I wonder if I'm turning into one of 'those people". Ones that have to complain and find something wrong. Geez, if I am then I surely come by it honestly (if you've met my father you'd know what I'm talking about) but who in the heck wants to go there? Ok, let's not start out talking about this. I'm saving it for the end.

Let's talk about Jabber! After not seeing him for 5 days while they are gone to TWreck's apartment Daddy, Daisy and I went to watch him for a little while at his football camp. On artificial turf, under the lights, with his own equipment that looks like it makes him feel like now he's committed to this sport and not just having pads and all 'on loan' for a season!

You could see it on his face that he was happy to see us! I'm sure it was twofold with one being that we were there supporting him in what he loves. The other is that I think he just plain missed us. Hey, me too!!! Not just Daddy and Daisy! Oh, and I'm reliable to bring my camera! I know that he loves that I take pictures everywhere of just about everything. Recording our lives. I have a couple of shots that I'm going to send to him online today, and they'll be up on the social network within an hour of my sending to him most likely! Yep, that's our Jabber!

Ok, here's the other one... Charming called last night when he was on his way to a party with his best friend. He asked for driving directions or a different phone number for my youngest brother and his wife. They had asked him to help them move their household into their brand new home and they live a couple of hours away from here, so it would be a trip to do this. They also told him that they would absolutely make it worth his while. He told me that he and his friend were heading out there the next day, and he just needed to know how to get there. He also didn't want to wait and have me call my SIL and have her call him back with the directions and last minute info, but said to leave a message on his friend's cellphone (his is shut off right now).

I have a bad feeling about this. I called my brother and SIL on their phones and left messages with phone numbers. It feels like Charming is going to be a charming dude with an excuse.

So, I don't want to be one of those people that looks for things to be wrong or disagreeable. That there has to be hardship or at least a PITA. I hate that I can just 'smell this one in the air' and it doesn't smell good. Please tell me that this doesn't make ma a cup half full person?

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