Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Funk: Day II

Today I went into the 5 boxes of stuff that were along that wall and threw out a bunch of stuff that I might not have otherwise. I found my turkey roasting pan that I haven't seen for 4 years! It wasn't 'hit' so it's been reshelved in a better spot! Also, today was trash day, so it's not just moved and waiting for another day. Gone baby, gone!

I got out the power washer and sprayed the rugs outdoors that we'd like to save. Daddy will get the washing solution on it when he gets here (his secret stash!) and we'll see if it's worth it. I moved the big file cabinet but am saving the appliances for him so that we can get the last rug pieces up and out and then we'll be down there together bleaching or whatever it's going to take.

I also need to try to get the lawn mowed today if Daisy would only decide to nap for me! It's supposed to rain tomorrow and I don't like mowing hay!!

Oh yes... we'll be showering and then going somewhere else to eat tonight!

I also talked with Sparkle this morning. Lolli is doing fine, wants to run and jump around and LOVES that she gets so many popsicles. Her voice is a higher pitch, but it still sounds like her. We'll probably see them at the beginning of next week hopefully.

Jabber is going to be thrilled to find out that when my neighbor and I were chatting today I have him lined up to mow their lawn for them to make a little spending money! They don't have a place to keep a lawnmower and would rather pay someone to do it, and had payed some guy walking by who asked if they wanted it done the last time. He thought he'd lost the job for the summer, but looks like he can have it! They're just glad not to have to keep up with it!

He went to his first night of football camp last night (TWrecks brought him from her house) and told us that they put him in position as a linebacker. He was a defensive end as his primary position last year, but Daddy said that he'll love getting to get some hits in this position!!

Oh, and he's going to have to wait for new sneakers. Daddy told him to ask TWrecks if she could get him some (considering that he paid for the camp, and all the pads, helmet etc. that he had to have of his own). Nope. She gives him a ride there. Par for the course.

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