Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Funk

Yesterday I went into the basement to move over a load of laundry and the rug was wet in front of the washer and went almost into the other room, but I could see a good 25 feet of floor space that had gotten 'hit' for about a 5 ft spread. I thought our machine 'exploded' and called Daddy down to help investigate.

Then there was the smell.

We checked to see if it was the toilet pipes. Thank goodness no. So, we began pulling up the rugs and hauling them outdoors, in the rain. Daddy got the shop-vac and started getting up the water and I was outdoors moving the rugs when the neighbor came out and asked if my cellar was flooded too. We live with a gully in our back yard, so you'd never think of getting water in the basement... too high to come up to our houses!

It turns out that the street drains had backed up. The nasty stuff. It had flooded their front yard and then 'exploded' down into the gully. They had a couple of inches of water in the basement and it drained a lot out when they merely opened the door down there. Yuck! It eroded away about a 2ft by 2ft trail of the soil beside the retaining wall and also came over and hit our driveway before it 'hit' the hill.

So, I finished getting the shop-vac out of the basement, pulled out another rug that we hadn't been sure of and rinsed everything out. The funk is still funky.

I talked to Sparkle for a minute tonight. Lolli's adenoid and tonsil removal went fine and they got home in the early afternoon. I was surprised that Ceecee didn't want to chat a little because I haven't seen her in over a month or so and I haven't heard if she and Glory have been calling each other. My guess is not, but she's going to be excited to find out that Glory and GloryBe are trying to plan to come out here for almost two weeks in the beginning of August. I know that I'll surely see more of her then!

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