Monday, June 23, 2008

I didn't see that coming.

Today I went onto our private family blog and there was a post by Glory. Her first post ever and she tells us that she and GloryBe have been having a hard time. This isn't really a surprise because when he took a trip back here recently he missed his plane when it was time for him to go back. Two (or was it three?) days later he finally flew out. In the meantime he didn't call his employer, so there went that job. One of the hardest parts for Glory was that he didn't miss the plane because of something that couldn't be helped. He just p*ssed away the time and didn't get a move on when it was time to.

She's many, many states away. When they moved a year and a half ago it had a lot to do with him having made the decision for himself and her going with him. They married after being there for about 8 months, and his family is the only family that she has there. Family that decided that when she miscarried and had the health problems that followed that he should take care of his wife and be responsible for everything that she needed and that they would step back and not cover for him. Four days in the hospital and I don't remember exactly how much contact there was, but it was minimal. If I remember right there was only one or two phone calls to him to ask about her while she was there, but only her SIL called her.

So she moved with him, she left her family behind, and when he took his vacation time to come here he couldn't make it back to her because he was more interested in hanging out with cousins and friends here? Shoot, move back.

So, I'm not surprised to hear that they've had to work through things. Who wouldn't? What surprised me was that she posted this there for our other family members to be a part of. I had called her near the end of last week and asked if she was pregnant again, because she hasn't been calling as much lately. She said right after her miscarriage that she didn't think she'd want to tell everyone that she was pregnant next time until she knew she was going to stay pregnant, and I wondered if she knew that it would be too hard not to tell me and that's why she's called less often or for very short calls. She's not pregnant, and this was basically why she hasn't called. Geez! I just want to hug the stuffing out of her and help her, but I'm also proud of her that she is trying to deal with things by herself. Yes, she really is growing up right?

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