Friday, June 20, 2008

Not a do-over day

There are some parts that I would, but some that I definitely wouldn't! Starting with this morning. Good one. Daisy and I got up early and headed to the park. We brought stale rolls and fed them to the ducks and she was thoroughly enjoying herself until one of the greedy geese came up and nipped her in his effort to get the bread that she wasn't throwing fast enough! Overall trip to see the ducks was cool! We left early from the musical guy show for the little ones. Daisy was tired after only 20 minutes and that has to be the mono. Just a bit fussy still, but the steroids that she's been taking to take the swelling down and breath easier are working.

When we got home Jabber wasn't home. Last day of school, half day. Worry. Call Daddy, no info from him. About 20 minutes later I called the school to see what time the buses left, and they should have been home. There was one bus that had kids in trouble that went to the bus station. Call the bus station and they don't have names but we eventually figure out that they are from a bus on the other side of town. Whew!! About 5 minutes later I get a phone call from Jabber on his friend's cell phone saying that they decided to walk home. THIS is how he wants to start the summer vacation? Making choices that he shouldn't be making on his own and doing it at a point where there is no way that we could have affected this before he did it.

Then when we're getting ready to leave to bring Jabber to his Doctor's appointment for a meds check and I heard Mystery holler something out in front of the neighbor's house. I look out and their dog (a skittish husky with blue/white eyes) is running away from them and back to the neighbor. Mystery is holding MIL's puppy in her arms and it's pretty easy to see that she picked him up to get him away from the dog. She came inside and said hello, then went downstairs. She came up a minute later and in a pretty scared voice asked what she should do about a dog bite!

So we all went to the doctors after a quick cleaning with peroxide. She has had her tetanus shot so doesn't have to worry about that but does have to take something like antibiotics (she gets a rash with amoxicillin so can't take that). Add to the mele that at the pharmacy had to get some preapproval thing for Jabber's meds so he can't get them until Monday. TWrecks decided to be a PITA when Mystery called and told her that they wouldn't be ready on time and it just was not a fun way to end the day! You'd think she might be concerned about her child's injury and asking about the treatment right? Nope! "Why can't you go home and get your stuff first and then go back to the pharmacy?"

Life here does not revolve around her, surprise surprise! We have things that we need to do and we adapted. Adapt stupid!

Writing this feels like an abbreviated version of my day. It is, and I have plenty more thoughts but since it's been a busy week I may have to catch up on some of this. Daddy is going fishing on Sunday and that may be my big chance!

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