Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm going to try to tell this

...and not go on for days. Mystery's friend is her friend right now. They've been friends on and off for about a year and a half now and when they are not friends it gets close to vicious. Gosh darn that social network place! They and their friends use it to live by, I swear! But I digress, it goes back further than that.

Daddy and I have remarked about the friendships that Mystery has for years. It seems that she gets by with the fact that she is biracial. You know, it's cool to be biracial now, right? The M.tV era or something? She's the black kid to her white friends and since TWrecks lives in the hood and that's where she is on weekends then that gives her some clout as far as being 'ghetto'. The friends that she has had along the years here seem to be short lived, and it's probably because she's not very nice to them. She challenges so many things, uses sarcasm all the time, and very often directed at the person that she's speaking to. So much of the time what we hear from the background (speaking to friends in person or on the phone) is selfishly demanding and cutting the other person to shreds. No wonder most of her friends don't last for much longer than 6 months. I'd get tired of that too. We figure that she gets away with it because she's made herself powerful? It wouldn't surprise me if there are plenty of kids that steer clear of her just so they don't end up in her path when she's pissed off about something.

So she and Mary have been friends, and then they had this big falling out after the basic six months. It got ugly in the social network and we heard tales of going to a local football game and Mary walking around threatening and Mystery posing in what probably was the same manner. She who has never been in a fight before in her life. My only worry is that one day someone will call her on her smack and beat the sh*t out of her because she really has no clue and seriously fronts like she's bad. Mary is smaller than Mystery but she is a little smart Alice and I have no doubt that it would be ugly, no matter the outcome.

Oh, and Mary's bf has a photo on his social network of a handgun. When the girls were still feuding and I discovered this a little over a month ago I passed along the information to the police officer assigned to the school. I said that I didn't know if there was anything that he can, could or would do with the information, but that I'm uncomfortable knowing that a teen boy that is probably in our kid's school has this photo of a handgun sitting on a bathroom sink displayed in public on the social network. I spoke to him in person within a few days of sending it, and he assures me that the boy is not a student in our city. Ummm... why does he say he is, and there are not that many kids that you can't figure out who this is? We have two high schools, but please tell me that y'all work together?! I was a little pleased to find that Mystery and Mary were not on speaking terms so I anticipated that this would hopefully not be a close issue for us.

The girls have been off and on with this being maybe the 4th time back "on". It appears from their transparent social networking (where they update many times a day and if you follow them you can tell how every little thing is going) that they became friends last week because they have a boy that they are both friends with in common. It looks like Mary's new love of her life and Mystery's friend because he's cool with her. Maybe he's got a friend that she's interested in for 'next'. The last time or two that the girls parted ways had a lot to do with boys. It actually looked like Mary was calling Mystery on the fact that she was talking to two guys at the same time and stringing them both along, including lies that she was aware of. Somehow it interfered with her guy and that's when she spilled and told both guys that they were being played.

Yes, I understand that's a cardinal sin, but the lies got bigger and bigger and the rift got even more ugly. Mystery had some fallback friends. We wonder why they stick around and just let her kick them to the curb when Mary comes back around. Maybe they can't stand up to Mystery and it's easier to go along with her until she's done with them? Ugh, Ugh, ugh!!!! Right now Daddy and I are just waiting for the sh*t to hit the fan again, and in the meantime Mary won't be visiting at our house unless Daddy is home because Mystery likes to act out and show off in front of her. There was an incident the last time where Mystery was YELLING at Daisy and calling her stupid even though Daisy was telling her not to say that and that she's not stupid. I only intervened by calling Daisy out from the room and then let Daddy handle Mystery when he got home. I didn't need to go to jail that day.

Mary also doesn't really speak to me except to call me by my first name in a greeting when she gets here. Hey girlie! I'm 30 years older than you are! How about a "Miss" on that? Not like she hears that because she's already left the room and what would ever make me think that Mystery would reinforce it? Nada! But summer is just about here. Mystery will stay at TWrecks, grandparents or her friends' house rather than to stay here with me. If she stays here she has to get up by 9:30am! Oh no!!! much for not going on for days!

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