Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I never did tell about Father's Day ended did I? I left off that Daddy had gone fishing, and he picked up the skids from TWrecks house on his way home in mid-afternoon. Apparently when he picked them up Mystery's 'friend' (let's call her Mary, and topics with her are a whole other post) was there with them and Mystery came into the car saying "Happy Father's Day!" and that she and Mary were going to clean out his car for his father's day present.

There are a couple of things wrong with this. First of all, Mystery is on punishment and not allowed to have friends over or go to friend's houses because of her last progress report from school. When you have a couple/few grades that go below a 70 around here you lose privileges. One was a 45, one 62, and the last was 68. Her other grades? One or two teeter on the 70 line and were above it at the time and the last few are in the 80's. She's interested in those classes and of course they are not the basically required courses. So she lost those privileges, the use of her cellphone, and for the first couple of weeks she lost use of the house phone until she showed 'an upward trend'. Oh, and this time there was physical labor attached! Daddy actually had her doing Jabber's chores for the week along with her own, and Jabber got paid instead of her. (That was for the 45!)

In the beginning TWrecks said that she was going to have the same punishment at her house that she had here and asked what it was. I also know that she wasn't told that she had to do Jabber's jobs but I think he brought that up when he was there. From what he said she didn't have to do his things and she was also allowed the use of the house phone almost immediately. Within a couple of weeks we became aware that she also had her cellphone use back when she was there as well as having the friends over or going to things with friends. Way to go with consistency TWrecks! LOL, if she's not going to do the same as it is here I don't have a major problem with that. It's the saying that and then not doing it consistently. Like you mean it.

By the way TWrecks lives approximately 6 miles from us. The last one of either of their school events that I recall her coming to would be in 2003 when Jabber's 1st grade class participated in a Mother's Day program at the school. She is not listed on emergency information because she is not the one that is supposed to be called in the event of an emergency. Why would you call someone that would be unavailable? She doesn't get copies of any of their school information except when she decides to keep the ones that the kids ask to take there to show her. That's why we don't generally send them anymore. She can call the school and put herself on a list for their information. It would get mailed straight to her house and she could have her own access to their iLearning information that is available online. OMG! What am I thinking? WHAT would she do with that?!

So getting back to the beginning of this here. Daddy brought Mary home on the way back here. He said there was a moment of surprise in the car when they realized that he wasn't headed straight home, and when he was asked where they were going he simply replied that he was taking Mary home. There was silence after that and he didn't end up explaining it to her anywhere along the way because she knew better. How in the h*ll did she think that she was going to have a friend over, never mind that one when she was still on punishment? We're both guessing that it has something to do with it being the last week of school so there would be half days and things often get more relaxed. Except for Finals! Duh!! I'll just tell you that she hasn't cleaned his car for him yet and has not given a date to anticipate it.

Jabber was happy that day though! Daddy loved the card and showed interested appreciation for his gift (the wrench below). Jabber will never know that Daddy later told me that the wrench is a little like the light up tie idea when it comes to Daddy gifts (whatever season or event). We both know that Jabber's heart was in this 100%, heck he willingly went into debt with his allowance to get it! Sure, he's probably anticipating having it out in the shed and available when he needs to take off his bike or skateboard tires, but that's not why he got it. He doesn't know that it's bulky and cumbersome because it's battery loaded and not convenient to use. That's okay though, his heart was so seriously in the right place!

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