Monday, June 9, 2008

Looking forward to some fun!

I'm taking Daisy to see the Backyardigans "Live"!!! and it's sure to be a hit with her. We have my SIL and three of her kiddos (ages 3, 6, and 16, yes 16!) coming along as well as my best friend. I've decided that her name is going to be Sparkles in my left column index! Her daughters are getting names too because her middle daughter is the sister of Charming and Glory, making them all extended family! Sparkles spent 8+ years with XI after me and although they never married I say she gets to call him XI too! Her oldest is the same age as Glory and they spent so many years growing up together as sisters. We'll call her Sweetie for short. The next child is the girl that binds us. She'll be Ceecee. I toyed with the idea of names that have the word confusion in them because sometimes it seems that at 13 she doesn't know what's up at all, or she plays it off like that anyway! The youngest is just a bit older than Daisy and she's going to be Lolli, short for Lollipop. Never been known to turn one down?!

Ok, So Sparkles and Lolli are coming down for this one and we'll be taking my Mother-In-Law with us as well. Going early so that we don't end up with parking in the boonies that takes two hours to get out of after. Cross your fingers for us that it goes smoothly! This many people, mostly related, three 3 year olds that are going to be super excited... and I can tell you right now what Daisy is sure to say at the end.

"I wan do again Mommy! Peez oh peez oh berry peez?!!" :-) I'll give a full report on my return!

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow- I bet that was fun!