Wednesday, June 11, 2008

After the show

Well, we went to the show last night. MIL, Sparkle & Lolli came with us and we met SIL and her crew there.

I'm going to be a lot more careful selecting shows like this that we'll go to see in the future! It was a show that the kids enjoyed, but maybe I'm spoiled by having been to the Disney show there last time and the "magic"! Much more like I hoped it would be. I guess that I didn't like that the Backyardigans had people faces and I actually wouldn't have minded lip syncing! The characters don't have people faces on the show and it just made it different enough that it was distracting to me, kwim?! I wonder how Daisy processed them? She 'got it' but wasn't calling the characters their names like she does when she sees them on the show. Her favorite was the Egg!!!

Oh... the big thing? No taking pictures during the performance!
My heart sank when I saw that! Why would I want to be at an event where I can't take pictures? Get real people!! I took that picture of the stage during intermission. Big whoop!!

Yes, I understand it but dag!!!! It turns out that Sparkle was the reason that one of the event staff came and sat facing our section during the last part of the show. She got a couple of photos on the sly. Well, not completely sly, but they couldn't figure out who it was!

Lolli was avoiding the camera every time one was pointed at her. Contrary to the other kiddos that cheesed right up for us! Not all at the same time, but that's par for the course, right?! I called her and she looked at me but this look came over her face as if she decided that she'd pretend that she didn't hear me? LOL, I don't take it personal but I'm really trying to help Sparkle figure out if there's something going on with her that can be re-addressed.

We got these goofy light-up things before we went inside. You know.. the butterfly looked just so cute?!! And yes, it sings! We thought that we'd avoided that and it just had lights that can blind you by their flashing, but nope! The girls found another button and Wha-La!!! I'm crossing my fingers that it lasts or I can find batteries so that we can take it to our town's 4th of July celebration and not end up getting a new one there.

Ok, I want to talk really quickly about Lolli. She's been "Miss Disagreeable" since she was first born. Always cranky and ready to respond to anything with reluctance, if not just plain a whiny PITA. Sparkle hasn't been one to let her get away with a lot, tries to set limits... makes an effort to re-direct instead of making excuses for Lolli. Things are changing in the last few months the way that I see it. She's starting to tell why Lolli did this or that, and getting more protective - which I completely understand - but it's becoming unpleasant to hang out for too long with them lately.

I've heard about kids with sensory things going on. I talked to someone that asked if she'd had autistism checked out as a possibility? Hmmm... no clue, but why would that even be considered. I guess I know almost nothing about autism and I'm going to ask around and look. Got any ideas on where there is good information that will help me cut through the bull? Anyone with links on sensory stuff? That's the first thing that I was thinking could be part of this. THAT would be an easy one to deal with. I can just see Renee's face if I get to talking about autism. The same face that Daddy had when I brought up Jabber and ADHD? (NOT MY KID!!) I'm not looking forward to this, but she is my friend. The anxiety level that her kiddo has is just way too high and always has been.

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