Friday, June 13, 2008

Geez, who would have thought?

I took Daisy to the pedi yesterday because of the way that she's been waking during the night. Snoring more and it sounds like she isn't getting air easily. Her whole body is involved in getting air as she sleeps. Her eyes are puffy, she sounds pretty "nasal-y" and has been more whiny lately than usual. (She not usually a whiner hardly at all and I wasn't sure if she was learning from Mystery.)

So the pedi checked her out. We had an xray done and then lab work. Two needle sicks for blood samples, one in each arm. She cried but didn't scream and was upset and sad, and very glad when it was over. I didn't go in with her because I knew that she might get more anxious about why I wasn't stopping them from hurting her. They had 2 gals to hold her and one that drew. I do feel bad about not being there to 'save her' but seriously knew that I was better off letting them do this at this point. If I had gone in they wouldn't have had anyone help me hold her (happened the last time) and it would have been worse.

Anyway, the pedi left a message on my answering machine. She has mono! I have ZERO exposure to any firsthand knowledge of mono. I think that my older brother had it once in the 70's... that's not a lot to go on.

Daddy and I are both thinking that it wouldn't be surprising if both of us have it too. Who knows where the heck it came from?! Whatever! We've both been worn down and I thought mine was my sinuses, but it might make more sense about feeling weird about my cycles too. (Aches and pains) Yes, I still have the sinus' jaw ache but finally an ENT appt for mid July. If I'm in too much more pain before then I'll have to hit the primary again.

Oh, and one more thing. Sparkles' little girl Lolli is having adenoid surgery in a week and a half. We were at the Backyardigans show with the girls sharing drinks. Ugh! Hopefully this won't be a problem for Lolli and she won't catch it, but I imagine that they'll have to get a blood test before the surgery to see if it will prevent it. SIL's 7 yo girlie was sharing drinks with Daisy too... geez!!!

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