Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Living my way through here

It's Wednesday morning. Very early Wednesday morning. We're surviving here. It's not much of a life but part of me is just counting down until at least Mystery is out of our house and we can hopefully do more than just sit around this house. Can't go anywhere because Daddy thinks we'd have to take them with us and taking them with us makes me not want to go anywhere.

I have something else that's ugly. My sister that lives out of state is planning a family event for my entire birth family. No chance in the world that I'm going because one particular sister-in-law is going and that would just kill the whole thing for me. I won't go and walk around her. It would be in poor taste to go and confront her. If I ever did confront her not only do I expect that she would be unwilling to listen to me, but that I'd somehow get labeled the antagonist and then my siblings would wonder why I can't just shut up and let it lie. Well she threatened another family member, and I don't think that entitles you to come and act like nothing took place. If she ever threatens that person again I have promised that I would go with them to court to get a restraining order. Of course it's a longer, drawn out story, but part of me can't wait until mid October is past us so that we don't have to keep dodging my sister about this.

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