Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I really have tried to relax

I haven't come in here in HOW long? Part of me started thinking that I was stressing myself out more by coming in here and writing because instead of purging I was stewing. Well, the new school year is starting and it seems that we need to get the ball rolling.

Mystery - who has been gone all summer to TW's house came back the other day. Overall she has had a teensy bit more manners and 'cleared' a couple things with me. Granted she already cleared them with Daddy, so as far as I'm concerned it's just notification. Whatever. I have to say that I'm not happy about telling Daisy to go and tell Mystery to let the big dog outdoors. Mystery is downstairs and that's where we put him out. We have been dog-sitting and the little booger dog bugs the snot out of our dog, and for some reason Mystery told Daisy to put the little one out upstairs instead of putting the big one out.

I don't remember asking Mystery if the big one needs to go out. Is there a reason for her to question me? Put the effin' dog out! She wants to tell Daisy what to do, but my guess is that if it was me going down there then she wouldn't have told me that. She has a friend over and I'm not going to go and chastise her in front of her friend. I'm not sure why not, because I sure as hell would have done that in front of Glory's friends back in the day. I got up and went downstairs and put the damn dog out.

I got home from running to the store and Mystery pulls up in a small car. She's 17 so this isn't out of line, but where TF did she go, and who did she get in touch with? Surely Daddy. Sure wasn't me. She tells me that Jabber told her to tell me that he went to his friend's house. He called Daddy.

Oh joy.

I never raised kids like this and it's going to drive me nuckin futs.

On the plus side. Glory had a baby and she's healthy as can be. I'll bring her up more later when I decide on a name for her.

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