Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Charming

My son is just that. It was not hard at all to find a name for him when I started this blog, not hard at all!

Daisy and I saw him last week for only a few minutes while he was at work. He lives almost an hour away from us and hasn't come to our house since last spring, so when we're in town we say hello even if it's only a hit and run kind of thing. When you've only got a couple of minutes part of me says that you really try to make the best of them, couldn't you?
Ok, maybe I'm a little jealous. He told me that he spent time at XI's family summer place over Labor Day weekend. That's not a surprise because he's been doing that most of his life. I do get one holiday by the way and that's Christmas Eve. Without fail he has been here even since he has grown and left the next. (When they were growing up he and Glory spent one year with XI and Sparkle in CE but we vowed never to do that again because it was just so unusual. That and those two split up!) Anyway, sometimes it sort of sucks to not be considered for a holiday.

What ticks me off though is that XI's other kid was there with his family from out of state. Remember the kid that is only a couple months younger than Glory and also related to them on that same side of the family. His mother - the bitch that screwed my husband and then when she had her kid and I tried to figure out how to have an extended family with - asked Charming how his sister Daisy and I are doing. Dumbass Charming says that we're doing fine and then gave them the generic update.

When he told me this I grimaced and he got that WTF look on his face. Then he said that I should be giving her credit for making an effort at being nice. This was where I got the WTF look on my face! I just wish like hell that he'd understand that she could give a rat's ass about me and his sister, but she is making an effort to communicate with him. And show care and concern? Yeah, right! She probably knows that he doesn't know any better and that the only reason to mention us is that she has no clue about anything in his life.

I despise very few people in my life and it's not like this is a forgiving thing. It's more like you are so stupid and selfish and the last thing that I want to do is feed into your life in any way, shape or form. Don't fucking use me to get to my kid! IF she and I were to ever cross paths again there is no chance on the planet that I would share any information with her except maybe that I've wondered if she's still as big of a bitch as she was back then!
I just felt like beefing about that one. Let's see if there's anything better to write about soon! I don't really like thinking about that crap!

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