Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am NOT a Martha wannabe!

OMG I don't believe that I'm doing this! Remember the new baby in our extended family? Well, this is an in-law thing. Actually there's the one that came early and another family member due at the end of next month, sibling to the first one!

So the grandmother of the new babies decided that they would have a joint baby shower. Something about not having to figure out how to do equal but separate showers. Whatever! My in-laws are procrastinators. They got the hall set up as far as the rental and all the rules and stuff, with the decorating taking place that morning. Oh, and it's this weekend by the way.

So my MIL weeds things through to me. I've spoken to the grandmother a couple times and she asked if I could do 'this' and 'this' and what I would need. It's computer graphics, why wouldn't I be able to do it?! No supplies purchased since July and nobody has shown up to select graphics. We live about 6 miles apart!

Now my MIL wants me to do something and participate. At the very least to not be left out. She somehow decided to make those colored chocolate lollipops and candies in molds. Egads! I am NOT the one! I can do a whole lot of homey, crafty stuff and I can do it pretty darn well. I just don't like this little crap! Ok, I'm not a big chocolate eater anyway, but it's more than just chocolate. They have to have ribbons around the little baggies and a plastic trinket attached. I'm sorry, but some of these frills are lost on me!

But I told MIL that I'd do it with her. Ha! I corralled Mystery into it just by waiting until MIL asked if she wanted to and then I asked her to choose the day we'd do it! Daisy came with us because it's a girl thing. If here's any kind of shower, that's a girl thing and I was raised with age not being a factor in that. All girls come!

We went to make them today and she bought chocolate that SUCKS! It melts and then before all the chunks melt some of it is overheated and starts burning! WTF?! We did that with 4 bags and decided that it just wasn't cutting it. Now I get to go pick up more bags for MIL tomorrow during the day (since I don't work and don't have a thing planned for any weekday, ever)! Next she says that she's going to make them herself tomorrow! Um, NOoooooo! It's too big of a job on the scale that she's talking about! I also dont' want to go back and spend the whole night at her house again tomorrow. So I offer to take the whole box of supplies and get started on it tomorrow. This is going to screw up my entire day! I'm thinking that I'm making some big points with my MIL! LOL, I'd better! I'm going to miss you all tomorrow! (Unless I say screw it and go at a snails pace and end up taking maybe 19 hours to do it! LOL, how much candy can 60 women eat?!

Wish me luck!


SMILF said...

Ah, good luck! I wanted to die by the time my best friend's bridal shower was over recently with all the crap that I signed on to do. Ribbons and trinkets? No one cares about that stuff! LOL Yet, I always do that same stuff for showers. I will never learn!

Mimi said...

We finished about half of what she had wanted to get done, and about 1/10th of the people who were supposed to be there showed up! There were tons left over! I knew that I kinda' knew that going in, but there's no getting MIL to back down when she's got her druthers set! But we did survive!