Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm not quite sure that I see it yet, but at least there's a glow ahead of me and I have a feeling that it's there!

I went to see the new Doc about the TMJ stuff finally! I've looked up a few things about it online before going and everything that he said makes sense to me. I'm not a candidate for surgery at this point and hopefully the other things that we're doing will mean that they fix me without surgery! Yayy!! Ok, I would have done surgery if he said I needed it, but glad that I don't have to!

I got a mold made for a night guard, some meds to help me relax my jaw and mouth muscles for a couple weeks and since the little no name sports guard has been helping me already we're fairly sure that the night guard will be all we need. There is one tooth that is grinding on the back and I may have to have the dentist "shave" that one down, but we'll know more in 2 weeks.

Everything made sense to the Doc about the timing of some added stress around here. Between the miscarriage that Glory had at the end of February (which was almost 3 weeks long from start to finish) and the air getting thicker between Mystery and I, that would have been the start of teeth grinding. Sleeping with Daisy on my neck in May (and having a stiff neck for 3 days) would have been the trigger and then the jaw/head pain since just because it needed to be treated. It feels so good to know that I'm not nuts! I wasn't exagerating, and best of all it can be fixed!

The other medical event this week was that I went for the CAT scan for the migraines and the next morning my Doc called me to tell me that the radiologist said that there are no tumors, but I have small ventricles. Now I'm getting an MRI to go with me to the neurology appointment at the beginning of next month. It's a bit un-nerving to have the Doc call instead of just having her nurse do it, but I'm glad that she's paying attention!

Anybody else out there with small ventricles? What difference does it make?! I kept finding things about seizures when I looked it up and have heard from another online friend that if I have small ventricles they are associated with headaches. Yep! Got them!

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