Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Father's Day!

Daisy is old enough to be really excited this year! She made a hanging star at the library this week, but showed it to him the other day and said that it is HERS! I managed to talk her into sharing it with him for Father's Day and this morning she told him it IS for him!

You have to giggle at the thought of her standing outside the bathroom door this morning. You know that right after someone goes in there is when she needs to go, right?! "Daddy!! I need to go potty! Are you in der'? I got a surprise for you! It's a Happy Father's Day!! C'mon Dad, I gotta' go potty!" Stretch out most of the words that you think would be emphasized there and they probably were!

When he came out do you think she had to go?! She made a beeline for the gift bag! Gosh it was fun to see her so excited! He loved his cards. The one that she drew a happy face on and I helped her write her name (hand-over-hand). He guessed his gift before he unwrapped, but that's ok too! He wanted an ODB II Auto Scanner and now we're set with that. Dad and his toys!!

He's gone fishing with his buddies. Jabber called here right at 8am and I told him to give the cellphone a call. (Especially when he said that they were getting dropped off here in about 45 minutes!) Now it looks like Daddy will pick them up on his way home, so there's a bit more peace and quiet here for awhile.

Jabber got him a gift, card, giftbag and used his allowance money to do it. It's the Bl@ck & Dec.ker @uto Wre.nch. He's very happy with his selection and I'm sure he's looking forward to having this tool (an adjustable wrench) around so that he can use it for tinkering too!
He really does have his heart in the right place and Daddy is going to be happy with this gift.

We'll see how things go with Mystery. She told me that she intended to make him a custom card and then her 'gift' will be offering to clean his car. I think she said inside and out. His car is a funky WRECK! It needs dusting, vaccuming and some serious liquid cleaner on all surfaces that get touched! Cross your fingers for me that she can pull this off without complaining and then not actually doing it!

Ok, here's the part that I wasn't sure if I would add to this post. I have to remember that it's Father's Day for my father too. I don't have the energy on a day like today to tell why but I just can't communicate with him and this day is about the same as any other. There's more pressure on me to do so, and it opens up so much negativity so I'm doing the same as last year and just avoiding it altogether. Yes, I've thought about if I'll be able to live with this if he were to not be around in the future and I am. Given the choices, I have to so that I can preserve my sanity. I love him, but I have limits.

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