Monday, June 16, 2008

And then... more online social networking

In comments there's a reference to "Growing Up Online" (PBS). (Thanks Steph!) I went to the website and poked through it and I think that I have seen that program before. Nothing there surprised me and it only reinforced that the rules that have been set around here need to be taken seriously.

Jabber had a different page when he got started. One that I helped him set up and he knew that I was going to oversee. Within a short time after he had it I ended up pulling it down. I had set limits and then found that when he was at TWrecks he went beyond the limits. One example is that he was not supposed to be adding friends that were outside of his age range. His brother and cousins are the only ones older than 17 that he should have added, and he added 22 year old neighbors from TWrecks neighborhood. Let's not even go into the amount of violence that takes place in that neighborhood all the time, but he was told not to do this! He got sent a "virgin list" and I recognized many of the names on the list as friends from our neighborhood and sports teams. All in his age range but he was supposed to forward the message and tell if the person that sent it to him was a virgin or not. Well, he replied to the person in caps that he was NOT!

Ok, so he didn't know how to keep it rolling. Score!! I went into his account and sent out a bulletin that said that nobody should ever send anything like that to him again and if they did that I would copy it and forward to the school's officer. The same one that told them that they and their parents would have a $1,000 fine and possibly jail time if they got caught even having an account there. He also had his internet access taken away for a week because of the combined things that he had made errors in judgment on.

So he went to TWrecks and made another page. Apparently with her consent. His page was removed because he isn't allowed to have two and he agreed that he couldn't keep up with two and just wanted the new one. Ok, but we WILL have access! He doesn't believe me when I tell him that I can find out just about anything that he's doing and it took me 1 day to get the password. Easy!

Years ago Sweetie (then 14) had an experience with meeting a guy online, told both of her parents that she was going to the other one's house for the weekend and then she went across the state to meet a 31 yr old guy. Her father and XI drove together to go and get her, not a likely pair or a pair to be messed with. Possible(?) predator incident and close call there.

And Mystery's life is an open book if you have time to watch. She changes her name, headline, and about info very often. I mean in a day. Right now there are 5 pages of a photo album with just her photos, there are other albums too. Most of her poses are "I'm so cool" poses, although she'd never use the word cool. She's done hand signs and still does but when I found out a meaning for one of them Daddy made her take them off. I don't care if it's "just fun", "doesn't mean nuttin" or "I didn't know". If they can be perceived as a sexual thing then they need to be off a 15 yr old girl's page! I also don't like that she puts Daisy's photo on there and labels her. Basically I can't stand the labels that she chooses. Anyway...

This is the last week of school. She's surely not staying here much this summer and that will be just fine with me. I've told Daddy recently that I don't want her here when he's not because of the way that she acts around me. I don't really care what excuse he comes up with about why she will be allowed to go somewhere when Jabber isn't because I just don't want to deal with her when he won't enable me to put my foot down with her. Jabber will have sports activities along the way here and need to stay home for that anyway, so we should be fine.

Ending on a good note here. Daddy told me that he got a message yesterday on his cellphone. Glory called him to wish him Happy Father's Day. That's my girl! No, she's not perfect. I basically despise that word anyway, but you get my drift, right? She does know what's important and what matters and even if she was 14 years old when he and I combined our families and did have XI in her life, she knows that Daddy counts and will always be here for her.

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